Hartz Chicken Buffet

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Went there for dinner for the first time on Wednesday, all because my friend bought Groupon vouchers. The restaurant was quite run down, tables and chairs cramp together. The salad bar was horrible, coleslaw and salad dressing were watery. Some "economy rice" style dishes aside from the 2 main fried chicken dishes which were nothing to shout about. Mash potato was inedible, so was the spaghetti, fried seafood toufu tasted sour. Plastic plates and cups made me feel like I was eating in a canteen. Surprisingly it was pretty crowded.. however, it's was a not more next time for the 3 of us.

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Tony Roma's

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Top 50 Restaurants in Selangor
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Tony Roma’s is pretty popular overseas with its grilled to perfection ribs, seafood and steak. They also offer a wide range of burgers and sandwiches, salad and starters.

Tony Roma comes out with their new promotion and it’s time for burgers. This time, dine yourself with friends and family at Tony Roma’s with their new promotion- New Beginnings.

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